Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Technical Question

Hey, do any of you know if there is a setting in Blogger that I can add so I get updated via email, when there is a new blog post? I get email updates when someone adds a comment to any of my posts, but not when a brand new post goes up. It would be nice to know to go look at the blog as soon as something new has been posted.


  1. hi Natalie!
    yes there is such a thing. we have that in our
    were Dana and Danica also participate. Ramires installed that for us. I don't know how to do itm but you can ask him. by the way this kind of question is perfect for the flickr group discussion, so that everybody will benefit from the answer.

  2. Thanks Omar. I'll post it on the flickr group discussion.

  3. Hi Natalie: i check our blog settings:
    when you click new post, u would notice there are
    this tabs above:
    posting, comments, settings, design etc
    if you click on settings you would find more options, you click under the tab"e-mail and mobile" and the first thing is the e-mail notifications.
    were you write the mails of the people from your group.
    By the tab "comments" (at the bottom) you can add the mails when somebody writes a comment on the post.