Friday, June 18, 2010

Welcome to Moly_x_78!!

I know that we are all eager to get here are a few guidelines to remember as we begin our new moly exchange. Most of us have been in a moly group before but we can all benefit from a little refresher. If anyone has any questions at any time please feel free to ask. This blog is the best way for us all to easily communicate with one another, so please use it. No question is too small.

* At this time please decide whether you want your moly to have a theme or if you want to go theme-less.

* Each artist starts with a large Japanese accordion fold Moleskine – be sure to put your Name, address, email address inside book. You may choose at this point to create a ‘sign in’ page for your moleskine where each artist can sign their name.

* We are going to go with the flow ~ but as a guideline each artist should try to make their entry within 4 weeks and then mail the moly to the next person.

* Each artist’s entry will be approx. 3 pages. Each book will make 2 rounds. Please feel free to post pictures of your progress and or finished entries to the blog for the other members to see.

* Artists are encouraged to interact with other images in the book. Please be respectful.

* When the book is full (when one side of the unfolded book is filled) the book will be sent back to its original owner. That artist may continue by buying a new book and sending it to the next person.

* If at any time you should decide not to continue, simply keep your book when it comes back to you. If you do decide not to continue, please post a message on the blog to let the other members know that you choose not to continue. The group will then decide if they want to find a new person.

* Please communicate regularly via this blog. Create a post to let the group know that you have received/sent a book. The goal is to have a dialogue. Any comments and questions are welcome.

I will be emailing each of you the address information you will need for the person that you will be mailing to. I will also send you the email address for the person who will be mailing to you. Please keep in contact either by email or by blog post so that everyone knows what is going on.