Sunday, June 20, 2010

#1 The Sea

moly_x_78 first entry in progress

well, this is just a teaser, just to let you know that I am clear about my theme now - "The Sea". There is still lot of work on this piece, I'll let you know when it will be finished :)
I thought it would be nice if everyone could write a short self-introduction to get to know each other. So, well, I'm Danica and I am a student of Architecture in Bratislava (little city on Danube in Slovakia), I am obsessive tea-drinker and dog-lover. I've spent one and a half month in New Zealand and it has been the greatest experience and also inspiration in my life :) In a month I will be preparing an art festival in Tarragona, Spain. That 's also the reason why I want to finish my Moly as soon as possible, because I would like to send it to the next person before I leave :)
Looking forward to reading about you guys :)

PS: I'm very sorry that my English isn't faultless but I'm working on it :P

And here it is! ^^
my entry_Molyx78


  1. Nice to meet you Danica!
    Your entry is fantastic! Great theme!

  2. nice! way to start us off, it turned out lovely, i like the colors :)

  3. The finished entry looks fantastic! I love it!