Friday, June 25, 2010

My Theme - The Circus

Hi All. I went back and forth with a bunch of different theme ideas, but ultimately decided to do the Circus as my theme. I love illustrating with lots of bright colors and patterns and usually wind up drawing scenes and characters from fairy tales. I think the circus has a lot of similarities to fairy tales, with their animals, beautiful ladies, strong men, ect... so I though this theme would be really fun. And it's a subject I've never done before. Right now my ideas are all in my head, but as soon as I start putting pencil to paper, I'll update you all on my progress.

Now a little about me. I live in Southern New Hampshire with my husband, about an hour from Boston. I went to art school and have a degree in illustration, which unfortunately I don't get to use very much. For my regular job I design websites for schools, but I'd love to illustrate children's books someday. I paint a lot of furniture and paintings for children's rooms, mostly for friends and family, so I don't often make much money at that. :-) This is my first Moly exchange and I'm really excited about it. I discovered it existed a while ago and really wanted to get into it. I'm always trying to think up new projects for myself to help me perfect my illustration style and I'm excited to be interacting with other creative minds.


  1. Nice to meet you Natalie!

    That is a great theme! I have a lot of reference photos for the Circus and have been dying to put them to good use. I am looking forward to seeing how your theme develops by the time it reaches me.