Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Dana's intro and first entry!

Hello group, I am back from vacation and wanted to take a quick minute to introduce myself, reveal my theme, and post a progress shot of what I have done so far!

First things first, my name is Dana Bower, I live in Perrysburg, Ohio where I currently run my own graphic design company. I have only been out of college for a year so I have only had the opportunity to work with a number of clients, but my business is doing well and I hope to have a company website launched by January 1st 2011.

My theme for this moleskine is Pirates! The school I went to since kindergarten actually had the pirate as its mascot, and when I was in high school, the Pirates of the Caribbean movies first came out, so this theme seemed to fit well with me.

Check out my progress shot for now, hopefully a more finished one later this week and a completed entry early next week!


  1. Great Theme! That will be a fun one to work on.

  2. Awesome! I cant wait to see the finished result. :) I had this idea that maybe we should set up a date, when all of us will finish and send their moly to the next person. Like 1st September, or October... maybe it would be a motivation for all to actually start :) Or maybe I'm just organizing things too much :)

  3. Danica, I think setting a date would be a good idea. I know that I always work better with a due date, otherwise other projects start getting in the way. The 1st of September would work for me, but obviously we should pick a date that would work for the whole group.

  4. I am good with September 1st. I had some trouble with my Moly order and it has taken forever to get it sorted out so I haven't been able to start. I am still kicking around a few themes and can definitely be ready to mail by Sept 1st.

  5. September 1st sounds good to me :)