Thursday, May 26, 2011

Exchange Status

Hi everyone. I figured I'd just pop in to see how everyone is doing. It seems that our exchange has stalled again. I'd love to keep going with the exchange but currently don't have any books to work on. :-( What are everyones thoughts on this? Do we want to try and keep going or should the books be sent back to their original owners?


  1. I would love to continue with this exchange, I think we have great potential - interesting themes and the entries so far were amazing. I have Dana's book, it s finished and ready to be sent away, but I didn't want to send Stacey another book - she has already 2 unfinished. So maybe we should change the order and I'll send the book to you Natalie?

    Stacey, how are you? Do you want to continue and finish books you have?

  2. Danica, I don't know how the others feel, but I'm fine with changing the order up a bit to get some of the books recirculating. If you want to send me Dana's I'm happy to add another entry to it.

    Stacy, Dana what are your thoughts?

  3. Sorry for the delay! I just moved back from Tennessee to Ohio. I'd love to keep it going, I don't have a permanent address yet (hopefully the end of this week I will) but sure, send my book back to Natalie!


  4. Alright then, Natalie could you send me your address? I will send you the book as soon as possible, so we could continue with this exchange :)

  5. Hi Danica. I sent you my address a couple of days ago and just wanted to make sure you got it okay. If not, please let me know and I'll resend it.

  6. yes, I have your address, I ll send you Dana's book on monday :)